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What Is FPV

First-Person View (FPV), also known as Remote-Person View RPV or simply video piloting, is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot's point of view. These are commonly radio-controlled aircraft or multi-rotor vehicles like quadcopters, which are quite common. These unmanned aerial vehicles have one or more cameras on board, which then transmit the view back to the driver and shown either on a monitor or a pair of goggles that the pilot wears.

fastest fpv goggles for drones

Airborne FPV is a type of remote control RC flying that involves a small video camera and an analog video transmitter to an RC aircraft, whether that's a single or multi-rotor device. FPV aircraft are used in many ways; the most popular is racing. Another use of these aerial drones is used for photography. Many times an action camera like a GoPro is added to the drone to get high definition imagery and video. In contrast, the analog downlink that is fed to the goggles is usually only used for piloting, although some do record.

FPV racing

The sport of FPV racing, and their vehicles, are known as FPV drones, racing drones, FPV racers, FPV copter or just simply quads.

FPV racing drones are quadcopters designed for speed and agility. These are like the Formula 1 racing of drones. These are not for casual play. These drones can be quite expensive. The headgear goggles are also costly. The reason these are expensive is that the cameras are good. The drones are fast, and most importantly, the downlink of the video from the drone to the goggles is super fast. This enables pilots to have precision and high speed.

FPV drone racing is a fast-paced obstacle race. You can almost think of it as a high-speed game of miniature golf in that there are crazy obstacles to maneuver around flying through winding gates, turning around pylons, and other fun things to test your piloting skills.

The better you become at piloting your quad, the more fun you can have, and the more skill you can show. Even intermediate-level drones with a decent FPV goggle headset can fly at up to 80 mph just feet off the ground.

Beginners FPV

The appeal of FPV drone flying is the immersive connection between the pilot and the machine. Pilots use remote controllers similar to the ones that are used for model airplanes to navigate. An FPV headset is required, which displays the drone's perspective during flight.

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Perfect video downlink or transmission is the most important thing when racing FBV drones.Β  You need to see obstacles clearly in real-time and react quickly and effectively. Any subpar video feed will impede that enjoyment and can quite possibly result in your quadcopter crashing.

However, there is a range of options in both quadcopters and FPV goggles that suit a variety of budgets. But like most things in technology, you get which pay for.

A crashed drone. Time for a new one with FPV goggles
However, crashes and collisions with obstacles the ground and other drones are quite common even for advanced pilots. Quads can have malfunctions with the propellers, the motor, or the frame, and these happen all the time. If you're beginning in this sport, you are advised to train with cheap quads. You should even start without FPV goggles and follow the flight of your quad with your own eyes until you're proficient at maneuvers like starting landing and flips.

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