Mar 02, 2020 | Team Green

Action Cameras: Get It Up and Running

Setting up your action camera takes only a few minutes, and it's pretty easy. There are so many fun things to do with an action camera. But unlike conventional camcorders, it's essential to get familiar with your camera.

Step one.

Please take all the pieces out of the box and lay them out. You'll find the battery, the camera, various mounts, rings, cases, and cords.
Warning. Most action cameras come without a crucial part, and that would be the microSD card. Cameras won't work without one. Get one before you finish setting up your camera (but plug the camera in to start charging that battery -- see Step 5 below).

Step two.

If your action camera came shipped inside the waterproof housing, you'll need to take it out. Pull the black latch on the top or the side of the case. You'll need to pull it back with a bit of force because it locks in place. Lift the lever and then pull the door away. Now you can remove the camera.

Step 3.

Put the battery in the camera. Remove the battery door. Place the battery inside the camera, and close the door. Batteries typically come partially charged and can be used right out of the box. But it's a good idea to charge it first fully.

Step 4.

Load the microSD memory card. The door on the side of the camera slides off to reveal the microSD card slot. Push the tiny card into the slot until locks in place. Then shut the door.

Step 5.

Charge the camera. Plug the mini-USB plug into the camera and the other end of the charger cable into a USB power supply. While the camera is charging, there's usually an LED light that blinks. When the camera is fully charged, the light turns off.

Step 6.

If your camera came with a remote, you'd need to charge this as well.

Step 7.

Power up the camera. Press the Power/Mode button. The LED indicators blink, and the camera beeps.

Step 8.

Shoot some video. Once your camera is charged, you're ready to start recording. The video mode is the default mode when you turn on the camera. Press the Shutter/Select button to record video; press it again to pause it.

Step 9.

Take a still photo. Press the Power/Mode button to find the photo button, which looks like a camera. You can also pick other still photo parameters with choices like burst photos and time-lapse.

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